Still life | Artist Geeta Pattanaik
Still life
Still life paintings are a challenge and joy for me. I gather objects and others acquired over time to arrange them together and give them new meaning. Many of the paintings below were done over a couple of days from objects that lasted while I was painting them. I was quick to finish these paintings, sometimes staying up late.
Treasures and small pleasures.jpg

Treasures and small pleasures,w/c,18"x24",$600


Threesome, Watercolor, 12"x16",$350

Autumn gathering.jpg

Autumn gathering, Oils,16"x 20", $450

From desert and shining sea.jpg

From desert and shining sea, w/c,21"x29", $500

Sticker show offs.jpg

Sticker show-offs, Watercolor, 16"x12",$350

Blooms peep out.jpg

Blooms peep out, Watercolor, 16"x12",$350

Purple Glads.jpg

Purple glads, Oils, 16"x 20", $450

Proteus and purple vase.jpg

Proteus and purple vase, Oils, 20"x16",$450