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Recent Painting locations

There have been two locations to which our group, PAAR, went recently. Once was Crystal Cove in Orange County and the other was Lemonia Grove, in Corona.

Crystal Cove was lovely to paint, with the ocean, a cliff in the distance and lots of people. I gravitated towards the cliff view with the ocean in the front and added a few people by the ocean. While painting the cliff, the light changed so many times, revealing different shapes on the cliff itself. The color of the vegetation also changed in the different kinds of light.

Painting the old carriage house on the Lemonia Grove property was a close up view, so I added the residence and trees to bring in the eyes from the distance into the foreground. It was a hazy morning, so I painted wet on wet, to let the trees fade a bit into the background, which gave me ample scope to focus on the weathered wood of the carriage house, which is framed on the left by taller trees and some palms.