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Painting at the Riverside Art Market

Painting at the Riverside Art Market event

I had the opportunity to do plein air painting at the Riverside Art Market, courtesy of the Riverside Art Alliance. The Arts Alliance is the fundraising wing of the Riverside Art Museum. I had lots of people stop by to watch me paint, and some of the folks came back two or three times, to see the progress, which to me is a huge compliment. The weather turned out to be perfect after a rainy start to the day. To add to the drama, when I started to paint, there were lovely clouds just behind the building I was painting, which happened to be the Riverside Art Museum. I included them at the start, so that I would not lose their shapes and colors. There were many artists and craftspeople in tents outside the museum and in booths inside the museum. It was a very well attended event, so I was very honored when I was invited to actually paint at the event.